Texas Bragg

About Us

Texas Bragg Trailers was founded in 1977 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.  Our goal was simple, build a dependable trailer that could work as hard as our customers. For over 30 years now, we have been doing just that! Our trailers are known for their heavy-duty construction, reliable service, and longevity. We build every trailer with an emphasis on quality and design details to specifications. Each trailer is assembled and welded by a single builder who takes responsibility for producing a quality product. We take pride in skill of our builders and the craftsmanship of our trailers, after all, the owners name is literally on every trailer we build.


Texas Bragg Trailers, Inc., founded in 1977, based in the heart of Northeast Texas and corporately headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Texas, was the first to establish high quality standards all others are measured for in the manufacturing of utility trailers. Texas Bragg builds every trailer with the emphasis on quality and design details to specifications. With the skill and workmanship that goes into every trailer, we take pride in the building of each trailer.